The implementation of communicative approach in conversation class of 3rd years SMK Pemuda Krian

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Desi Ikasari, Desi Ikasari (2010) The implementation of communicative approach in conversation class of 3rd years SMK Pemuda Krian. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya.

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Leaming English are not enough through grammatical/ structuralized, but also through communicative ways. Communicative approach is one of an approach in which suitable used in conversation class, because in communicative approach students' role are centered. The writer chooses a vocational high school as the location for her research because the main purposes of vocational school are preparing their students toward the work world after their graduate. Here the writer chooses SMK PEMUDA KRIAN with the reason that this school has one program with the name conversation class, in here students can practice and improve their capability in English. The writer also used 3rd year of conversation class for her research location with the assumption that the students at the 3rd year of conversation class have sufficient capability in using English. From the background above, in this thesis the writer mentioned 3 problems of the study. They. are what the material was used in the teaching learning process, how the teacher implemented communicative approach in the class, and the last is what the problems arouse and how the problems solved. The data of this thesis is arranged by classroom observation, interview, questionnaire, and documentation. It is analyzed by describing the data (descriptive qualitative). From the result of the data collection, the materials used in teaching learning process are suitable with kind of the materials in communicative approach theory. Most of the materials used are belong to the text-based materials. Beside the material; the implementation of communicative approach in conversation class also rarely same with the concept of teaching with the communicative approach, in communicative approach the activities are divided into two forms. They are pre­ communicative activities and communicative activities. Pre-communicative activities itself including two kinds of activities they are structural activities as an example mechanical drill, and the other is quasi communicative. Same with the pre­ communicative, communicative activities also divided into two kinds of activities; functional activities: problem solving, comparing set of pictures, etc. and social interaction activities: discussion, dialog, and conversation. Here the teacher started the lessons with giving the drills into his students, then continued with the dialog or conversation as the main activities. The teachers' roles are not dominated than before, because the students' roles are centered. Students' performance is the goal of teaching and students need much practice. The students also found some problems during the teaching learning process. Those are including into two views; based on the capabilities of the students: vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and meaning. The other based on the psychological views: feeling shy, being afraid, and being not confident. To solve these problems, teacher consider into several points. Those are the balance of grammar and goals of the lessons, language level, condition of the students, and background of their previous education.


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