Having Mi’raj by Al Quran: study on Ibn Al Arabi’s perspective over al Quran as media of Mi’raj

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Zainuddin, Zainuddin (2009) Having Mi’raj by Al Quran: study on Ibn Al Arabi’s perspective over al Quran as media of Mi’raj. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya.


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According to Ibn al-Arabi, al-Qur'an has so many functions. One of those function is that al-Qur'an can be media of mi 'raj. Mi 'raj as Ibn al-Arabi's concept has no so far distinction witl1 Moslem's common sense, namely the path of prophet Muhammad peace be upon him (PBUH) from the earth to the sky by Burraq that accompanied by Gabriel to meet Allah. Yet, Ibn al-Arabi wanted to set a wider meaning toward the tenn of mi 'raj as "the path of everybody to reach Allah". It leads lbn al-Arabi to the comprehension of the path of Moslems through their good deeds they do in order to meet Allah, though they don't need to penetrate the nine skies as the path of Muhammad. To lbn al-Arabi, the phrase "al-Qur'an as media of mi 'raj'' can be understood by four explanations. Firstly, al-Qur'an in a book with its writings is just like miniature of the universe (macro cosmos). All that written in the al-Qur'an can be found in universe and so as the contrary. When mi 'raj understood as the path of some one by penetrating the skies across ladders of universe, so it is automatically comprehensible that some one is doing mi 'raj in the al-Qur'an. al-Qur' an will be the best media which a wanderer can do mi 'raj in. secondly, that articles or surah in al­ Qur'an are just like steps (manzilah) or levels for this spiritual odyssey. Thirdly, Mi 'raj is done only with actualizing the all define laws of Islam (syariat Islam) as reflected in jurisprudential aspects and a lot of moral ethics recommended by al­ Qur'an. While the source of those define laws ips al-Qur'an. So, al-Qur'an as mentioned is the best one media for mi 'raj. Fourthly, that generally, there are 28 ladders of mi 'raj which have the similarity with 28 makharij a/-huruf. It becomes common sense that the holy book was written and composed with 28 hijaiyah letters. So, everyone who reads al-Qur' an devoutly actually tries to climb to meet Allah through its 28 letters. So, al-Qur'an is the best one media to have mi 'raj for everyone wants to get Allah.


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