Telaah Fenomena ritual Islam: memahami nilai-nilai Moral-Etik dalam ritus shalat dalam rangka pembentukan pribadi muslim yang mulia

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Syakur, Abd. (2016) Telaah Fenomena ritual Islam: memahami nilai-nilai Moral-Etik dalam ritus shalat dalam rangka pembentukan pribadi muslim yang mulia. Other thesis, UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya.

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This study discusses about Islamic ritual, shalat, as a basis ritus in Islam. The background of this work is the assumption that ritual is a mean to have communication between servant and the Ultimate Reality, maybe named with God. In Islam, shalat is taken for grented by God, Allah. He orders Prophet Muhammad to teach shalat to his fiends after getting guidence from Jibril. Finally, shalat is covered by Islamic law, fiqh, massifly. It is different with anthropological perspective that ritus is on human authority, in other term, it is created and modified by human for many objectives he wants. There are three questions addressed here; First, how is shalat performent in fiqh persective? Second, how is shalat performent in tasawuf perspective? Third, how to integrate fiqh and tasawuf persective on shalat application to be effective on moslem character building? The study to answer three questions above takes library model of research which the data that are matters of fiqh and tasawuf doctrines or teachings gathered from many books documently. By employing the interpretation analysis, this work comes up with three conclutions: Firstly, fiqh (Islamic law) succeed to serve shalat as a formal or definitif ritual that display shalat as Allah’s product. So, fiqh protected or covered shalat from human creation named bid’ah, fiqh explained shalat sistematicly with showing its elements rigidly until known what have to be done, what should be done, and what might not to be done. However, fiqh take care only of matterial of shalat to be guideline of prayer, so shalat practice of prayer just impresses for paying off his obligation. Secendly, tasawuf perspective makes shalat as a mean to closer to Allah as close as can in order to obtain/achieve happiness and tranquility in Allah. Tasawuf perspective is more interested and busy on setting the heart in order to be preoccupied or humbel on adoration/praying, so that, fiqih dimention of shalat sometimes tobe ignored. Its because, tasawuf tend to pay attention on the essence of something. Third, integration of fiqih and tasawuf perspective in shalat practice will bring shalat effectively applicated, because fiqh perspective of shalat gives a guideline for worshiper (mushalli) to practice shalat legitimately true, because it’s appropriate (in line) with Prophet Muhammad guideline. Whereas (while) tasawuf perspective directs spirit of worshiper to get appropriate attitude, so he can potencially obtain spiritual values of shalat, ta get blessing of Allah. Tasawuf perspective based shalat carries mushalli to worship Allah docilely-devotionally that impact to mushalli obtaining Divine character, because shalat ritual is not magical ritual that bring worshiper to get evil character. So, shalat with fiqih and tasawuf direction makes shalat as media to educate mushalli to be a moslem excellent.


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Keywords: Fiqih perspective; tasawuf perspective; magical ritual; devotional ritual
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