The correlation between Verbalizer - Visualizer Learners and their Reading Literacy Levels at MTs Terpadu Roudlatul Quran Lamongan

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Permatasari, Dian Artika (2018) The correlation between Verbalizer - Visualizer Learners and their Reading Literacy Levels at MTs Terpadu Roudlatul Quran Lamongan. Undergraduate thesis, UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya.

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Reading literacy relates to students’ understanding the context of the text and their ability such literacy may differ from one type of learners to the others and reflect it into text. To make the students easier to learn, the educators should know their each student’s characteristic and types of learner. They are verbalizer learner and visualizer learner. This quantitative research aimed to describe the reading literacy level and two types of learner; verbalizer and visualizer learner, also investigate any correlation between types of learner and reading literacy levels by taking thirty eight female students’ of ninth grade at MTs Terpadu Roudlatul Quran Lamongan. As the sample, the researcher collected the data through questionnaire and test. The questionnaire was used to obtain the data about verbalizer and visualizer learner. The test was used to obtain the data about reading literacy levels. There are two kind of text in this test they are continuous text and non-continuous text. The finding shows 42% students are verbalizer and 58% students are visualizer learner. This means ninth that grade of MTs Terpadu Roudlatul Quran Lamongan have more visualizer learner rather than verbalizer learner. They prefer to learn through picture rather than text itself. The students reading literacy at the average is in level 3. Students’ proficiency levels of continuous text, there was no one students reach levels 6, 1a, and 1b. There were 11% students in level 5; 34% students in level 4; 47% students in level 3; and 8% students in level 2. Students’ proficiency levels of non-continuous text were 5% students in level 6; 18% students in level 5; 29% students in level 4; 34% students in level 3; 13% students in level 2; and no one in level 1a and 1b. There are correlation between types of learner and reading literacy. Verbalizer learner (X1) and continuous text (Y1); visualizer learner (X2) and non-continuous text (Y2), both variables have positive correlation. Students’ degree of correlation is 0,437. Students’ degree correlation is 0,461. It means they have positive correlation. Based on the findings, the educator should increase the students exercise even in continuous or non-continuous text. Also develop reading literacy in English text. They can analyze types of learner with the other variable or reading literacy with the other types of learner.


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