Fikih Kebangsaan: telaah pemikiran Abdul Wahab Chasbullah tentang Kemerdekaan dan Persatuan Indonesia

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Arif, Miftakhul (2020) Fikih Kebangsaan: telaah pemikiran Abdul Wahab Chasbullah tentang Kemerdekaan dan Persatuan Indonesia. PhD thesis, UIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya.

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The final results of this research conclude: (1) fiqh of nationalism concept of Abdul Wahab Chasbullah is imbued with the spirit of patriotism as part and manifestation of faith, standing on Nusantara culture as a national identity, putting politics as a medium and religion as a goal, and accepting with the whole heart the ideology of Pancasila as the glue of the Indonesian people. All of these aspects have a solid fiqh foundation. (2) In the perspective of maqasid al-shari‘ah, in addition to securing religion and creating social order, the final goal of the nation and state according to Abdul Wahab Chasbullah is happiness physically and spiritually with the pleasure of Allah in the world and the hereafter. To realize this, political, economic, educational independence and safe from extreme deviant ideologies is needed. It also requires unity in all aspects, both based on religious ties (ukhuwah nahd{iyah), national ties (ukhuwah wataniyah), Islamic ties (ukhuwah Islamiyah), or humanitarian ties (ukhuwah insaniyah). Dialogue according to Wahab Chasbullah becomes an important element in realizing unity. (3) In responding to the national problems surrounding the independence and unity of Indonesia, Abdul Wahab Chasbullah is consistent with the teachings of the Shafi'ite school which it adopts by relying on the socio-maqasid. This approach stems from an analysis of three aspects: maqasid, text, and context, in which the al-qawaid al-fiqhiyah and usul al-fiqh become an inherent part involved in them. Then, by analysis of a sociological approach this research found that Abdul Wahab Chasbullah’s nationalism thought has influenced by four aspects: pesantren tradition, doctrines of Ahl al-Sunnah wa al-Jama‘ah, his mastery of Islamic law especially us{ul al-fiqh, and his wide association with various groups.


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Item Type: Thesis (PhD)
Arif, Miftakhulelmaarief18@gmail.comF53416018
Thesis advisorHaidar, M. Ali--194507111969021001
Thesis advisorAl Amin, Ainur Rofiqar.alamin1972@gmail.com2025067201
Subjects: Nasionalisme
Keywords: Abdul Wahab Chasbullah; Fikih Kebangsaan; Kemerdekaan; dan Persatuan Indonesia.
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