Kualitas hadith-hadith tentang Nikah Mut’ah: studi kritik hadith dan aplikasi kehujjahannya

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Ubet, Abdulloh (2013) Kualitas hadith-hadith tentang Nikah Mut’ah: studi kritik hadith dan aplikasi kehujjahannya. Penelitian Individu.

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Hadith is the second source of law after Qoran as the reference in Islam. It should be noted that not all Hadiths can be hujjah (reliable source of law). To interprete hadiths concerning mut’ah marriage (contract-based marriage) there are some differences between Suni and Shiah and the debate between these two groups seems to be everlasting. Refering to the same hadiths of contract-based marriage, Suni’s point of view allows mut’ah marriage while Shiah’s point view does not. Suni claims that the Hadiths interpreted by Shiah which does not allow mut’ah marriage are considered to be abolished by the subsequent Hadiths. Meanwhile, Shiah states that the Hadiths does exist because the verse regarding mut’ah included in Quran has never been abolished. On contrary, Suni claims that hadiths can not abolish the verse of quran although the Hadiths are considered reliable (shahih). Therefore, the present research attempts to reveal the reliability of the Hadiths about mut’ah marriage which are differently interpreted by Suni and Shiah, so that vivid interpretation about the defintion of mut’ah marriage can be obtained. The present study has found that not all Hadiths found in Al- Bukhari Muslim are reliable (shahih) although the names of the book are Sahih al-Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. This shows that the Hadiths about mut’ah marriage found in both books are hasan or they are not hadith. They are only athar sahabah (story of Prophet Muhammad’s comrade) which can not be used as the source of la


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