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Syibly, M. Roem and Mu’allim, Amir (2012) IJTIHAD EKONOMI ISLAM MODERN. In: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XII, 5 – 8 November 2012, Surabaya – Indonesia.

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The main door to perform productive work in order to adapt and compete with conventional banking and finance is ijtihad, which the principles of sharia to stay awake and be both a character and excellence of Islamic Not every economic problem in the modern era has been arranged in al-Quran and al-Hadith, and then opened the door of ijtihad. Economic Ijtihad is very important given the position of these products is very rapid economic globalization and diverse. The classical scholars have provided a good example of how diligence in the economic field that should be followed by the scientists of this modern era. Now, economic ijtihad in Islam especially in Indonesia is mostly done by the National Sharia Council MUI (DSN-MUI), Bank Indonesia (BI) and in certain cases also made by the Lajnah Bahsul Masail NU, Majelis Tarjih Muhammadiyah and other Islamic organizations. As with many previous cases, many fiqh issues in Indonesia to be a debate that almost never ended, it is understandable because the institutions 'fatwa' has a normative methodology, and sometimes a different source, so the product of ijtihad is also different, punish halal or haram an economic product for example, will be found mixed results even contradictory, as well as problems in the mathematical method of calculation of technical-contract agreement in the world of banking and finance ijtihad find different products. The essence of this discussion of economic ijtihad, ijtihad first shelled on classical and modern ijtihad. This paper is to open the awareness of the existence of a strong relationship between those who strongly hold the tradition of ijtihad by relying to the classical scholars and those who have left old tradition, so offer a new ijtihad as a model of modern ijtihad in Indonesia can be realized without departing from the normative roots of each runway ijtihad one. In addition to the above conditions, this paper tries to reveal any more about the methodology of economic ijtihad from main institution such as the DSN-MUI and several Islamic organizations, then explain meeting points and point of conflict between the methodological model of ijtihad by the institutions and also explained some of the products economic ijtihad, especially in banking and finance as opposed to one another and the possibility of mal practice of Islamic banking and finance businesses to depart from the product choices that are less precise ijtihad. Of these less favorable conditions in the era of increasingly fierce market competition, it would require certain conditions in the plural Muslims realized the importance of Ijtihad Jamai that penetrate the boundaries of difference, so that the rate of development of Islamic economics is to continue growing Sharia. Initiatives for the benefit of starting over can be carried out by state institutions as a means of legal authority to take decisions in the application of a product of ijtihad to accommodate all "interests" ijtihad from other institutions. The initiative also needs to be built from Islamic organizations such as the dominant institution, NU and Muhammadiyah with their institution of ijtihad, Lajnah Bahsul Masail and Majelis Tarjih.


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