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Wijaya, Aksin (2012) NEGARA ISLAM INDONESIA?: MENGUJI OTENTISITAS ARGUMEN HUKUM KHILAFAH ISLAMIAH DALAM KONTEKS BERISLAM INDONESIA. In: Conference Proceedings: Annual International Conference on Islamic Studies (AICIS) XII, 5 – 8 November 2012, Surabaya – Indonesia.

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Recently, the spirit of founding Islamic nation has been arising. It is signed with the movements labeled Islam, from the level of city community, campus or parliament. The idea to found again the Khilafah Islamiyah actually is for preaching the rule of Islamic Syari’ah in the world. Therefore, to have good preaching in line with the goal, they view that there must have the pillar of institution that is nation. Of course it is not only a nation than can be founded for that good goal. The nation that they thought is the nation based on Islam. So, the idea about Islamiyah Khilafah arise, and later popular as Islamic Nation. The goal is actually good, but good goal cannot run well if it is not based on the good understanding about Islamic Syari’ah and the condition of Indonesia and also it cannot run well if it is not done with good strategy. If it is not, there will be the forces of Islamic understanding about Ideological - Transnational into Indonesian that cannot be seen the important value of khilafah Islamiyah. As the critic form of that good idea, this study discusses three points: Must Islam have institution like a nation? How is the position Islamic Law in the context of Secularism Nation? How is the realistic way in transforming Islam without founding Islamic Nation? For answering the two first problems, it will be discussed two aspects: the first is its existence, the second is its essence. The existence related with the movement of the existence concept of nation in the Islamic civilization,and the essence related with the concept of the nation in Islamic civilization.For the first aspect, it will be discussed by using the thinking history, while the second aspect will be discussed using “hierarchical logic” from the source of Islamic law modeled Imam Syafi’i, while the third problem will be offered the relevant method of preaching in Indonesian context. Historically, The interaction of Islam and politic is always fluctuating. That fluctuating left the positive effect when the thinker of founding Islamic nation loudly said the use of Islamic syari’ah. But that idea, epistemologically, left the negative effect because it always forced Islam into the politic circle and sometimes in a dirty trick. The epistemological argument is always disobeyed by the thinker. Epistemologically, Islam does not have to have institution as nation in preaching Islam, but Islam does not deny about the nation. However, Islam does not state the forms of nation. Islam appreciates all forms of nations as long as Islam is given the space for its existence, although without nation Islam can also preach culturally, as preach of prophet in Mecca and the preach of Sunan Kalijaga and NU in Indonesia. Along with that, Islam can be functioned substantively and normatively.


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