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Kiswati, Tsuroya (2010) REKONSTRUKSI METODOLOGIS WACANA KEAGAMAAN MUHAMMAD SHAHROUR. Islamica Junal Studi Keislaman, 4 (1). pp. 281-305. ISSN 19783183

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Muhammad Shahrur a Syrian intellectual Moslem is an engineer who tries to understand al-Qur’an and prophetic tradition (al-hadith) verses with language and physical science approaches. He recognized that in Arabic there are no synonymous (mutaradifat) on two different words. The meanings of al-Kitab and al-Qur’an are not same because they both have different meanings and characteristics.Understanding of al-Kitab and al-Qur’an that have divine spirit and understanding prophetic tradition that has human integration are also different. That is because he differed between God and human. His principle concepts about kainunah (being), sairurah (history or process) and sairurah (becoming) have legitimated that God and human are not same. Because of his difference concepts between God and prophet, the understanding of their speech is also different. God is indefinite and prophet is definite.He also has theories of define: minimal define (an-h}add al-adna) and maximal define (al-hadd al-a’la). In his view, he cited that God laws must be interpreted in his define. He concerned about historical, social, cultural context and language approach that used as communication among the people when the laws and verses are coming. He prefers to choose implicit substance of the teaching than explicit words. Law applications must be adapted with situation and condition has run. He used hermeneutical method to understand verses on their text and context.


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