Audio-Lingual Method and communicative language teaching in English class: a comparative methodological study

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Hakim, Luqmana (2009) Audio-Lingual Method and communicative language teaching in English class: a comparative methodological study. Undergraduate thesis, IAIN Sunan Ampel Surabaya.

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English is a foreign language that is taught in almost all formal institutions of Indonesian education. English becomes subject of class and included in National Examination subject. Moreover, some institutions require students to practice English in their daily life. But the development of Englis.h language in school is gathered with a dilemma to find the appropriate method of teaching English. One hand, English has linguistic elements such as, grammar, syntax, phonology, morphology which needed to develop science and knowledge. The study of past civilization, literature, history, intellectual thought needs to master linguistic competence. In other hand, the application and realization of language philosophy in which language is the tool of communication must also be considered since English is international language which people around the world use it to communicate each other. In the line with this problem, this study attempts to join in sharing an idea by analyzing the Audio-Lingual Method and Communicative Language Teaching and comparing both methods. The hope is after reading this study readers are able to choose what method is better to implement in different situational classes and students' background. The researcher explores the information about the methods from written works that discuss about Audio-Lingual Method and Communicative Language Teaching directly or relate to the methods. Audio-Lingual Method is designed to create oral proficiency in acceptable pronunciation and con-ect grammar. Oral proficiency is equated with accurate pronunciation and grammar and the ability to respond quickly and accurately in speech situations. Students develop correct language habits by repetitious training, while teacher provides pattern drills based on carefully ordered grammatical structures in the target language learners. But grammar should never be taught as an end in itself, only as a means to the end of learning the language. Language is primarily speech in audiolingual theory, but speaking skills are themselyes dependent on the ability to accurately perceive ad produce the major phonological features of the target language, fluency in the use of the key grammatical patterns in the language and knowledge of sufficient vocabulary to use with these patters. Communicative language teaching makes use of real-life situations that necessitate communication. The teacher sets up a situation that students are likely to encounter in real life. Unlike the Audio-Lingual Method of language teaching, which relies on repetition and drills, the communicative approach can leave students in suspense as to the outcome of a class exercise, which will vary according to their reactions and responses. The real-life simulations change from day to day. Students' motivation to learn comes from their desire to communicate in meaningful ways about meaningful topics. In methodological perspective, there are differences and similarities between Audio­ Lingual Method and Communicative Language Teaching. The differences are in principles of method, types of language learning and teaching and procedure. The similarities are in the objective of method, dialogue as the type of classroom practice and both methods are derived from linguistic and psychological theory.


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Hakim, Luqmana--UNSPECIFIED
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Keywords: Audio-Lingual Method; Communicative Language Teaching; the comparison to both methods
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